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Highly Effective Advertising

For Budget At All Sizes

Our goal is to make online advertising readily affordable by business owners, everyone. We deliver high quality guarantee traffic that boost your site appearance which is supported by customers who buy. Your ads get maximum exposure throughout our high traffic site and frequent rotation for high visibility.

Our aggressive marketing strategy was designed and is run by competent advertising agency with years of extensive experience to effectively draw buyers to your promotions or offer.

Your ads will guarantee be seen by thousands of prospects, many of whom are potential and confirmed buyers.

Credit Pack

Purchase Credit Packs to earn high return share-in-profit! SGD 100 credit pack comes along with 5 Credit Boosters and 200 impressions, and each 1 of Credit Booster will make your ad displays for 20 seconds instead of 10 when someone clicks on it! The Credit Pack you purchased will qualify you for one share-in-profits every 30 minutes 24/7 until you have received SGD 110 in return.

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Banner Advertising

In regards to business research lately, Banner Advertisements are 1.5 x more effective in establishing product awareness to consumers than direct mail. Research also stated that 75% of users recognize the brand after viewing an online banner advertisement. With our wide selection of dimensions, placements and prices you can start increasing your sales with us right away.

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Pop Under Advertising

Pop Under Advertisements are another impressive way to increase brand awareness, search engine rankings and unique website visitors. Our distinguished Pop Under Advertisement with smart algorithm will appear under the homepage of the Advertising Website only when a LEGIT user clicks on a link. The moment where the user finished viewing the Pop Under Ads and closes it, your website will be appeared right under their eyelids instantly.

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Traffic Exchange Advertising

Traffic is all you need! Our innovative Traffic Exchange will deliver targeted views to your advertisements in two different approaches. You can choose to target your advertisements to any of the country worldwide or target your advertisement geographically so that those who are most likely to response on your ads will be the first to view it. Joining our Traffic Exchange enable you to earn a random number of credits and you can use it to advertise your own advertisements, which is totally free!

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Your opportunity to earn with us infinitely!